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“I really have three connections with Hush,” said Gordon Harvey, a volunteer of Hush for almost 10 years. ”As a musician and believer in the contribution of the arts to health and wellbeing; as a person with a chronic illness experiencing more than my fair share of medical care; and, as the partner of a person working in the public health system with first-hand experience of some challenging workplace cultures.”

“My wife Nancy, a medical scientist, worked with Dr Cath Crock [The Hush Foundation Founder and Chair] at the Royal Children’s Hospital,” Gord (as he is fondly known as) reflected.  “And Nancy was always telling me about this amazing colleague who was producing calming music to be played in the hospital environment.” 


A passionate lover of music, and a musician himself, Gord thought the Hush Foundation was quite the unique project, especially having received medical treatment for a chronic condition at various hospitals over the years. 


“I appreciated what a great idea it was, but didn’t think too much more about it, until something playing one day on ABC Classic FM made me prick up my ears.” Gord was taken aback.


“It was beautiful and fresh - a genuinely original blend of classical and jazz music. It turned out to be from Paul Grabowsky’s Hush Vol.7 album!”  


Struck by the calming sounds, Gordon dug deeper and found out more about the work of Hush, and even ended up interviewing Cath for a music blog! 


“I was really impressed that Cath cared as much about the music as the cause, and that so many artists and industry figures I admire had embraced the project.

“I also love that Hush is advancing conversations about kindness,” added Gord. “And that it’s drawing from the emotional intelligence, engagement and positivity that the arts can offer the world of healthcare.”


Taken by Cath’s vision, passion and humility, Gordon knew he wanted to get involved. And since that time, Gord has done just that! His tireless efforts behind the scenes have ensured both our Hush Foundation and Gathering of Kindness websites have been built, maintained and up-to-date. He has also been the author behind many of our much-loved Hush newsletters - with the latest one and this story an exception!


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