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About Hush

About Hush


The Hush Foundation was established in 2000 by highly awarded and renowned physician, Prof. Catherine Crock AM, in response to her work with children undergoing painful medical procedures at The Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne.


Working alongside anaesthetists in the development of new pain relief systems for these young patients, Prof. Crock sought to reduce the stress and anxiety felt by patients, families and staff.


Additional research was undertaken to transform the environment of the operating theatre and recovery rooms through the use of especially composed music from some of Australia’s foremost musicians and composers. The music helps evoke a sense of calm and optimism.


Since then, the work of Hush has expanded to encompass the culture of the system itself, and what can be done to improve the experience for patients, families and healthcare professionals.


With three theatrical plays about health care, sixteen musical albums and a delightful children’s book – the ways in which Hush works to engage their audience and supporters continues to grow. As does their influence in changing a system at the centre of the human experience – health care.

We have Deductible Gift Recipient 1 charity status, allowing you to make tax deductible donations.

Our vision:
To transform the culture of health care through the Arts
Our mission: 
To produce and licence unique and original music and arts projects that improve core environments and outcomes for patients, families and staff

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