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Gathering of Kindness


Be part of ensuring that kindness is at the forefront of healthcare. Spend time with a host of nationally and internationally acclaimed thought leaders. Explore the latest findings and the roles leadership and self-care play in cultivating and improving the healthcare experience for all. An immersive day, providing you with a range of informed tips and practical ways to enable kindness to flourish in your healthcare environment.

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Hush Health Plays are heading to various locations around Australia this year. To attend a performance or for booking enquiries please contact Belinda Morrish at [email protected] or call 0419 110 279.  And subscribe below so you never miss another Hush event again!


Gathering of Kindness Goes Global


The first Gathering of Kindness in the United States took place in July in Allentown, Pennsylvania, led by narrative kindness facilitator Lorraine Dickey and Gathering of Kindness co-Founder, Dr Cath Crock. Stay tuned for more information on Gathering of Kindness USA 2019!


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Hush Volume 18
'Collective Wisdom'

The National Composers in Residence Project brings together the artistry of six of Australia’s top composers and six emerging composers in an ambitious project that engages with young patients at children’s hospitals around Australia. 


Our Sydney and Melbourne launch concerts took place in September 2018, featuring Australian Chamber Orchestra's critically acclaimed ensemble, ACO Collective! Buy 'Collective Wisdom' the album here.

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