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Let the drama of live theatre transform the culture of your organisation
Hush Healthcare plays

Hush healthcare plays encourage all those who engage in our health system to examine the behaviours, assumptions and habits that can inhibit patient safety and staff wellbeing.


 Written by renowned Australian playwright, Alan Hopgood AM, the three dramatic plays, Hear Me, Do You Know Me? and What Matters tackle the biggest issues in the culture of health care today - bullying, communication and better patient outcomes.


Performed by recognised and award-winning Australian actors, the plays use real stories and case studies to highlight the issues faced by those working in health care, and the patients and families of those accessing it. 

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What Matters


What Matters most in health care – for patients, doctors, staff, cleaners, family, everyone – is kindness!


Based on true stories, this Hush play shows how acts of kindness can have the most surprising outcomes.
And it’s funny.


What Matters is written by Alan Hopgood AM and Dr Catherine Crock AM.


"Research tells us that experiential learning is a powerful and effective tool for professional development.  Alan Hopgood AM, has spent 20 years developing and delivering plays which are thought-provoking and provide audiences with the opportunity to explore challenging issues, providing exceptional insights. And they do it, crystallising real life stories, using a subtle and effective blending of challenging issues and comedy."

Sharee Johnson, Registered Psychologist, Executive Coach, SKJ Consulting.

"I want you to know how much I enjoyed the play this afternoon. You engaged us, the audience so well, I had prickly eyes several times. I went to my work as a PSA on the Palliative ward in ONJ with a new respect for the simple act of making cups of tea and coffee for my patients. Kindness is such a powerful force for health and happiness."

Clare Headland

Do You Know Me?


Do You Know Me? tackles the emotive and complex issues associated with caring for our older community members.


This provocative play sensitively portrays end of life care scenarios and encourages improved communication between older people and the staff who care for them, for a kinder, patient-centred approach to aged care.

"You can't care for someone unless you know them"

- Terry Smith, District Nursing, Bendigo

The Hush Foundation gratefully acknowledges Mercy Health in their support for the development of the

‘Do You Know Me’ play.

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Hear Me


Hear Me deals with the aftermath of a young patient’s death from the perspective of the patient’s mother, the CEO, the supervising doctor and his colleague.


Followed by a facilitated discussion to examine the potential for improving the quality and safety of health care through communication, partnerships between patients, families and health professionals and staff culture. This is a powerful and innovative play that examines all the complex issues that arise when things go wrong in health care.


Written by Alan Hopgood in collaboration with Dr Catherine Crock and Prof Rick Idema and others from the Australian Institute for Patient and Family Centred Care.