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Hush values the support of our corporate partners, who help us to make the healthcare system a friendlier and safer environment for all Australians, young and old.

Become a Corporate Sponsor

Without the generous support of our government, philanthropic and corporate funding partners, Hush would not be able to fulfil our mission to produce and licence unique and original music and arts projects that improve core environments and outcomes for patients, families and staff.


Hush Foundation has an outstanding track record for building trusting, respectful and productive relationships with our funding partners. Hush sponsors know that they are contributing to high quality, effective and innovative products and programs that have positive and enduring outcomes for the people who receive care in our hospitals, and those who provide that care.


Hush music and art projects are highly regarded and award-winning. We work with renowned Australian musicians, composers, playwrights, writers and actors to make Hush music, plays and literature of the highest possible standard. 


Hush products aren’t just for people in hospital – our corporate sponsors and the general public can enjoy opportunities to attend our concerts and hear beautiful music performed by outstanding musicians from some of Australia’s leading orchestras. Buying tickets to a Hush concert is another way that companies can support Hush Foundation.

“I first came across the Hush Foundation when I read an interview with Dr Catherine Crock, founder of the Hush Foundation, in which she described the amazing work the organisation was doing.


A short time later while participating in my workplace’s staff choir we discovered that the creators of many of the pieces we were singing, The Idea of North, had collaborated with the Hush Foundation. We wanted to find out more about the Hush Foundation and were very moved when we heard about the positive effect their work was having on the lives of hospitalised children.


I’ve been working at Macquarie Group for fourteen years and for much of that time I’ve collaborated closely with the Macquarie Group Foundation, so I thought about how we could support the Hush Foundation. We decided to run various fundraising initiatives, with the most successful being our concert in June 2017 where The Idea of North performed in collaboration with the Macquarie Group Sydney Choir and others. It was such a wonderful and uplifting evening that we decided to hold another one in 2018!”  - Terence Kwan, Macquarie Bank.

Let's work together to build a meaningful partnership that enables real change. How can your company support us?

There are many ways that you can get involved to support Hush Foundation.

  • Become a Hush partner by sponsoring one of our programs

  • Make a donation to support Hush projects

  • Hold a fundraising event 

  • Engage your staff in a workplace giving program

  • Offer in-kind support by donating services and products that can help Hush.

​​Hush thanks the following organisations for their financial and in-kind support:

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