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Hush is a registered charity (DGR1) working to transform the culture of healthcare through the Arts. Through the use of music, literature and the arts, Hush provides comfort and education to those both within the medical profession, and to those patients and families (hopefully), ‘just visiting’. 

What we can do for you (and your organisation)

Let us show your staff they are not alone. They too can make a huge impact in transforming the culture of their workplace. 

By providing a strong, multi-faceted offering, Hush leaves no stone unturned and stands as a pillar of strength in the uphill struggle to change the culture of healthcare for the better.

With over 8,000 pieces of data collected over more than 100 performances of our plays, we have real insight into our healthcare workplace culture, and what is needed to address the issues within it to transform it for everyone. 


Thank you for standing there with us.

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