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Slava Grigoryan's new single 'Blue Hydrangea' is an ode to gratitude

We are delighted to share with you our latest release, Blue Hydrangea by guitar virtuoso Slava Grigoryan of The Grigoryan Brothers.


It's an ode to the magic of gratitude from Slava's upcoming solo album, commissioned by the Hush Foundation, which gives thanks to healthcare workers.

We’re delighted to share a preview from this wonderful album by Slava who has a gift for composing music with kindness.

The Blue Hydrangea, a symbol of gratitude, was the inspiration for this original piece of music, which will soothe and surprise the listener.

You can listen to Blue Hydrangea on your favourite digital music platform, HERE

Hush commissions Slava Grigoryan's new solo album

“Each of these pieces is a note of thanks, a little letter of gratitude, for all of the extraordinary work they continue to do in looking after us."

The Hush Foundation is honoured to commission a new album by Slava Grigoryan that gives thanks to healthcare workers. 

The album Gratitudes is a collection of instrumental guitar compositions, inspired by the kindness and dedication of the care community around the theme of gratitude.

Slava began writing the album during the pandemic to express his thanks for the “dedication and spirit” of healthcare workers who cared for us during this stressful time.


This new album recognises the value of gratitude and the many ways that saying thank you can ease anxiety and stress through music and kindness.

Gratitudes will be released in early 2023.

Listen to the fist single HERE

Our album Nightlight is out now 


Emily Wurramara, Kate Miller-Heidke, Mama Kin, Megan Washington, Missy Higgins, and Naomi Crellin, join the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra to shed gentle light on the settling hours in Nightlight, proudly presented by the Hush Foundation.

Our six artists visited carers, parents, children, babies, patients and staff in hospitals and care communities to listen and to reflect on their own experiences of caring and parenthood. What the artists took away with them helped to compose these eleven beautiful songs.


Calm, concern, wisdom, hope and love are threaded into lyrics and music that will soothe and carefully hold otherwise lonely night-time spaces.

Nightlight is a gentle and beautiful album for parents, carers and the village who raise us. 

What is Hush Music?

For 20 years, the Hush Foundation has been working with renowned Australian artists to create music that brings calm and optimism to patients and their families in stressful health and care environments.

Hush was founded in 2000 by renowned physician, Prof. Catherine Crock AM, in response to her work with children undergoing painful medical procedures at The Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne. She began talking with families and colleagues about how hospitals could be made kinder places and began commissioning music to reduce stress and anxiety.

Since then, we’ve produced 20 albums and commissioned new Australian music from over 40 diverse composers and songwriters, including Paul Grabowsky, Lior, The Grigoryan Brothers, Elena Kats-Chemin, Kate Miller-Heidke, Joe Chindamo, Tony Gould, and many more.

The Hush album ‘Collective Wisdom’ was nominated for an AIR Award in 2019 for Best Independent Classical Album and ‘A Piece of Quiet’ was nominated for an ARIA Award in 2017.

The Hush mission of transforming healthcare through kindness and the arts is more resonant now than ever and we believe that music is a positive force for change.

Lior + Edgar - WritingHush.jpg

Lior and Edgar writing for Hush

"A Piece of Quiet" 

Listen to our new album on on Spotify

Discover Hush playlists on Spotify

Learn more about the making of Hush music 

Lior, The Idea of North and Elena Kats-Chernin talk about the making of Hush A Piece of Quiet.

The making of Nightlight, featuring Kate Miller-Heidke, Megan Washington, and Paul Hankinson, with the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra.

Meet composer and friend of Hush 
Elena Kats-Chernin

Acclaimed Australian composer, Elena Kats-Chernin, has created works across nearly every genre, from rags to operas, ballets and works for robotic instruments and long and very short pieces for various ensembles and voices.  


Elena has worked with Hush on a number of collaborative projects, including Hush "The Magic Island" with the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra and Hush "A Piece of Quiet".


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