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Slava Grigoryan's new album is dedicated to healthcare workers everywhere

We're excited to release our 20th album, 'Gratitudes' by classical guitar virtuoso Slava Grigoryan. Slava began writing the music during the pandemic, as an expression of thanks to healthcare workers and recognition of their selfless support of patients. Something we know has come at a cost, with many now facing ongoing stress, anxiety and burnout. We know that expressing gratitude can help us all to cope better, by reminding us that our efforts are appreciated. This album is dedicated to healthcare workers everywhere. 

Listen to 'Gratitudes'

“Each of these pieces is a note of thanks, a little letter of gratitude, for all of the extraordinary work they continue to do in looking after us." - Slava Grigoryan

What is Hush Music?

For 20 years, the Hush Foundation has been working with renowned Australian artists to create music that brings calm and optimism to patients, families, and staff in stressful health and care environments.

Without realising it, Melbourne-based doctor Dr Catherine Crock, AM established and developed one of Australia’s most successful independent record labels through the Hush Foundation, a charity that transforms healthcare through the healing power of music.
Over 20 years ago, Dr Crock saw the impact of patient centred care and kindness in the workplace – in her case specifically at Royal Children’s Hospital where she treats children with cancer. Dr Crock began talking with families and colleagues about how they could minimize the stress and anxiety for patients and staff when painful medical procedures were needed. From these conversations began the commissioning of music composed especially for healthcare environments. Hush Foundation arranges to immerse composers in a healthcare environment as their inspiration.
The Hush music label now boasts 20 + album releases featuring over 170 compositions, recorded by more than 230 Australian artists and ensembles including Paul Grabowsky, Lior, The Australian Chamber Orchestra, Elana Kats Chernin, Meg Washington, Missy Higgins, Joe Chindamo, Slava and Leonard Grigoryan, The Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra, Nigel Westlake, Kate Miller-Heidke, Tony Gould, The Idea of North and many others.


The Hush mission of transforming healthcare through kindness and the arts is more resonant now than ever and we believe that music is a positive force for change.

Discover Hush playlists on Spotify

Learn more about the making of Hush music 

Slava Grigoryan talks about the composing Gratitudes.

Composer and our previous Artistic Director, Paul Grabowsky talks about the history and concept of Hush.

Lior, The Idea of North and Elena Kats-Chernin talk about the making of Hush A Piece of Quiet.

The making of Nightlight, featuring Kate Miller-Heidke, Megan Washington, and Paul Hankinson, with the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra.

Meet composer and friend of Hush 
Elena Kats-Chernin

Acclaimed Australian composer, Elena Kats-Chernin, has created works across nearly every genre, from rags to operas, ballets and works for robotic instruments and long and very short pieces for various ensembles and voices.  


Elena has worked with Hush on a number of collaborative projects, including Hush "The Magic Island" with the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra and Hush "A Piece of Quiet".


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