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Originally developed by Dr Catherine Crock to reduce stress and anxiety felt by both patients and their families in hospitals, the Hush music collection transforms the environment through the use of carefully curated music from some of Australia’s foremost musicians and talents, and is now played in hospitals, homes and shared spaces across the globe.


For the past decade, The Hush Foundation has been the largest commissioner of independent music in Australia, winning awards and accolades for their contribution to the music industry.


Historically, the Hush collection has focused on a classical music offering with Australia's most well known and loved composers, conductors and orchestras donating their time and talent to produce the albums.


Hush 19 Gathering of Kindness is our latest triumph. Piano legend Tony Gould AM is joined by renowned guitarist Peter Petrucci for this brand new release from the Hush Collection.  This beautiful album has been named after the healthcare events Hush has hosted since 2016, and explores in music the transformative impact of kindness.

Lior, The Idea of North and Elena Kats-Chernin talk about the making of Hush 16: A Piece of Quiet

Distance by Slava and Leonard Grigoryan.  From Hush 10: Songs with Strings

Dance of the Paper Umbrellas by Elena Kats-Chernin from Hush 13: The Magic Island, animated by kids from R. Gorbacheva Scientific Research Institute, Saint-Petersburg

The River Bank from Hush 12: The Wind in the Willows by Mark Isaacs

Elena Kats-Chernin talks about Dance of the Paper Umbrellas from Hush 16: The Magic Island performed by the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra

Meet Elena Kats-Chernin


Acclaimed Australian composer, Elena Kats-Chernin, has created works across nearly every genre, from rags to operas, ballets and works for robotic instruments and long and very short pieces for various ensembles and voices.  


Elena has worked with Hush on a number of collaborative projects, including Hush 13 with the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra and Hush 16.