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The Gathering of Kindness aims to build, nurture and instil a culture of kindness throughout the health care system.

The Gathering of Kindness is a Hush Foundation movement focused on bringing together all voices in healthcare to envision and work towards a kinder, safer and better healthcare system for all.  Hush is internationally renowned for its pioneering approach in combining the latest research with the creative arts (original music, theatre, literature, dance, audio-visual and narrative) to support professional learning and culture change. We do things differently, and we make a difference. Join us.

This year’s GoK event theme is:  Reframing Quality and Safety, in recognition of our new partnership with the British Medical Journal and Institute for Healthcare Improvement's International Forum on Quality and Safety. 

Learn more about, and contribute to:

  • The art and science of kindness in enabling positive culture change, safety and wellbeing at work.

  • The link between staff communication, well-being and satisfaction on improved quality and safety for patients and families.  

  • The power of the arts as a tool for supporting wellbeing and learning.

Join us for an in-person event in Melbourne on Sunday 29 October, featuring Civility Saves Lives very own Dr Chris Turner, and twice ARIA-nominated Australian pianist and composer, Nat Bartsch!

To lean more about Gathering of Kindness, click here.


Paul Levy, former hospital CEO and health blogger, explains that kindness is not a directive but a reflection of the underlying values of virtually every health professional.

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