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The Gathering of Kindness aims to build, nurture and instil

a culture of kindness throughout the health care system.


GOK 2017, our first public event, was conducted in October and November 2017 with the theme "The Power of Kindness" & "Continuing the Conversation". The five-day Gathering provided participants with the opportunity to share their ideas, their work and their projects. Through this, we aim to better understand how we can improve our healthcare environment for all stakeholders, including staff and consumers.

In 2020, we celebrated our first online Gathering of Kindness session with several partnering organisations and thousands from across Australia and the globe. It was a time of unity in a time of uncertainty, and a day we'll never forget.

2021 has been a time of Community, where in more ways than one we have banded together for a common cause and a common good. Community is what the Gathering of Kindness of all about.


Whether you're working in health and aged care, accessing hospital, home or community health services, or simply wanting to play a role in transforming healthcare for the better, we'd love you to join us.


Learn the ways kindness is driving change for the better around the world


You'll hear from local and international speakers, explore the topics of staff wellbeing and patient safety, and hear important perspectives from our junior doctors and medical staff on things that matter to them.​​​


The GOK website discusses our work, and importantly, provides a wealth of resources that allow you to create your own gatherings.  The more conversations we have, the more we can build momentum for change.

Everyone has a role to play: kindness starts within all of us.


Paul Levy, former hospital CEO and health blogger, explains that kindness is not a directive but a reflection of the underlying values of virtually every health professional.

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