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Hush in Hong Kong

Hush goes to Hong Kong


As the proud recipients of a Catalyst Grant, Hush, in conjunction with Alan Hopgood and Bayside Productions, will be performing renditions of both healthcare plays ‘Hear Me’ and ‘Do You Know Me’ at the 16th Annual World Congress of Anaesthesiologists.


Providing an opportunity for open and clear dialogue between medical professionals around the world, the Hush healthcare plays allow those from within the healthcare industry to identify concerns within their own organisations and put in place actions to implement positive change.


Dr. Catherine Crock will also be speaking on family centered care during a scientific session on paediatrics and ‘Keeping Children Safe’ on Friday September 2nd.


The Hush Foundation is open to additional opportunities to perform the plays while they are in Hong Kong.


If you would like to talk with with Dr. Catherine Crock while she is in Hong Kong, please get in touch via the adjacent links.

We look forward to talking to you about working together!

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