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Hush 16 sees a new and exciting addition to the collection with a collaboration between renowned Australian composer, Elena Katz-Chernin, multiple ARIA winning award singer-songwriter Lior, and the Idea of North. Not only that, but Hush 16's lyrics were inspired by stories of young cancer patients and other children. Questions posed about their lives spawned responses filled with humour, wonder, excitement and surprising wisdom. From these conversations grew a collection of music that conveys the children’s feelings, hopes and dreams in a way that resonates equally with adult listeners.

Hush 16 in Townsville 2018


By Libby Beaton (11 yrs) & Chelsea Barbagallo (11 yrs)


During Festival 2018, The Southern Cross Catholic College Junior Choir had the privilege of singing with Acapella group The Idea of North, Grammy award-winning singer songwriter Lior and Australian composer Elena Kats-Chernin. The performance was called The Hush Project which is a collection of music and songs inspired by stories of children fighting serious illness.


Earlier in the day, the choir rehearsed at the Civic Theatre with all of the musicians. It was a very exciting time as this was the first time they had sung with live accompaniment. The choir was amazed by Kai Kitamura on vocal percussion. He sounded just like a drum kit!! The choir then all went home for lunch and to prepare for the afternoon concert.


As the choir arrived at Queens Gardens, the sky looked very threatening. Sure enough, the rain started to fall! Choir members ran to find shelter under trees and umbrellas, hoping that the concet could still go ahead. The skies cleared just in time and the choir took their places side stage, ready to go on.


The Choir looked very professional in their academic uniforms as they took to the stage to sing their first song, Edgar’s Essay. This song was inspired by a story written by 6-year old Edgar Stirling.

As the concert finale, everyone was on stage to sing Edgar’s Essay again.

The night was a huge success and everyone involved had a great time. We would like to thank Ms Rachel Cairns for helping our school be a part of the Hush Project and being a part of Festival 2018.


Meet Elena Kats-Chernin


Acclaimed Australian composer, Elena Kats-Chernin, has created works across nearly every genre, from rags to operas, ballets and works for robotic instruments and long and very short pieces for various ensembles and voices.  


Elena has worked with Hush on a number of collaborative projects, including Hush 13 with the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra and Hush 16.


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