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Heart for Hush

By David Vagg, Freelance Photographer

Dr Catherine Crock with Cooper

I first met Catherine Crock after her presentation for This Sounds Like Science: Music and the operating Theatre (co-curated by Inspiring Australia and City Recital Hall).  Hearing her personal journey that led to establishing The Hush Foundation was moving, inspiring and encouraging, especially seeing how Hush is now impacting on so many, in such a positive way, where music helps with patients, family, friends and the medical profession. This resonated even more so with me as someone who is also a musician, and who has experienced people close to me having serious treatment within the hospital system.

When the opportunity came up to photograph the Heart for HUSH fundraiser, presented by the Maquarie Group at The City Recital Hall, Angel Place, I knew instinctively it would be a special concert, with incredible musicians, singers and choirs, and in support of such a special cause.  I certainly  wasn’t disappointed, and not the least was the following part of the day.

  It was brought to my attention that one of Catherine’s patients would be there and the opportunity of taking a portrait with her would be good.

During the intermission, Catherine introduced me to Cooper - someone you quickly realise is incredibly positive, friendly and inspiring, especially having faced such significant medical issues.  We spoke briefly of her personal love of and interest in music; whether she could play an instrument or not, it was infectious in its joy. We all quickly agreed that taking a photo on stage would be the perfect location, and especially so in the short time we had. With the Steinway grand piano, and the beautiful stage itself, as an amazing back drop, we set about taking photos. This was greatly assisted by the technical crew and who at the same time were also preparing for the second half of performance.

  It was beautiful to witness the clear concern and respect for each other. I consider it a gift just to have been there in their company.    As I listen to the ACOC (Australian Chamber Orchestra Collective) play the incredible compositions, on the new Album, along with the memory of meeting two human beings who have experienced medical challenges, yet remained so positive, grown from their experience, is incredibly moving and I am so glad to have captured a glimpse of that. I hope others, through the music, stories, photos and performances, discover the great value of music and the impact it has on health, be they patient, clinical staff, family, friends, or the places and those who treat them.

Freelance photographer David Vagg takes stunning photographs which examine performance, events & humanity.  His photographs are an artistic mix of contemporary styles with a natural and creative approach.


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