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The Hush Foundation transforms the culture of
healthcare through kindness and the arts.

Hush is internationally renowned for its pioneering approach in combining the latest research and diverse perspectives, with the creative arts (theatre, music, literature and dialogues) to reduce stress, build awareness and support quality and safety cultures underpinned by kindness for all.

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Healthcare Improvement (IHI), Health advisor to the US Government and Emeritus Professor at Harvard University

Professor Don Berwick

"Healthcare on the planet is blessed with some pioneers. People who see farther and sooner

than others do. Professor Catherine Crock is

one of those pioneers… Now, the challenge

is… are there leaders smart enough to use

it [the Hush Foundation’s work]?” 

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Founder and Chair of

the Hush Foundation

Professor Catherine Crock AM

"We work with artists, patients, health and

care staff to recapture the healing power

of kindness through music, the arts, education 

and connecting people. I believe

healthcare needs creative voices to

help soften the edges of these stressful

environments for people - they can help

all of us in the care business to do our

jobs even better".

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Hush Kindness educational resources and events aim to build and nurture a culture of kindness throughout the health care system.

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We do things differently.

We make a difference.​

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The annual Gathering of Kindness event series based around world kindness day in November features leading edge presentations, panels, dialogues, workshops and arts experiences showcasing the art and science of collaboration, creativity and kindness and their effectiveness in addressing the interlinked issues of staff wellbeing & safety, staff behaviour & communication, and patient experience & safety.

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The Kindness in Action program is the practical application of ideas delivered as regular learning activities for organisations and teams who want to create self sustaining quality & safety cultures.

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Health Plays

The dramatic way to improve safety and wellbeing for all in healthcare

Written by award-winning playwright, Alan Hopgood AM. Hush Health Plays have been performed all over Australia and internationally to thousands of people.

Hush Foundation’s health plays tackle the biggest issues in the culture of health care today – bullying, communication and patient safety.

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For over 20 years, the Hush Foundation has been working with renowned Australian artists to create music that brings calm and optimism to patients, their families, and staff in stressful hospital and healthcare environments.

To shop and support Hush Music, click here.

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Hush have been leading the movement for change over two decades.
We envision, inform, equip, connect, empower and inspire all voices in the system to come together to help drive change.


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