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Hush Music online


Greater stress than ever, in hospital settings and beyond, call for the power of music to calm, strengthen and inspire.  Hush Music, especially created to contribute to a calming environment, is accessible via download and streaming services.

Follow the links to our playlists on popular platforms.  If you would like to help us in the best way you can, we'd love you to purchase and download our music via services like iTunes.  If your finances are tight, stream us on Spotify and Apple Music.

Hush album, Gathering of Kindness is here!


Piano legend Tony Gould AM is joined by renowned guitarist Peter Petrucci for this brand new release from the Hush Collection.  This beautiful album has been named after the healthcare events Hush has hosted since 2016, and explores in music the transformative impact of kindness.


A gift from our friends at Tango Escencia 

As we celebrate 20 years of Hush, our friends at Tango Esencia are teaching you steps to tango at home!

So if you’ve ever wanted to learn this vibrant and playful dance with experts - now is the time!

Our warmest thanks to Rina and Nadim for sharing their beautiful craft with us all, once again.

Megan Washington on motherhood and music

The amazingly talented Megan Washington took a break from recording two songs for the forthcoming Hush 20 album with the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra to talk with Ryk Goddard about the role of music in her other job as a mother.

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Introducing our first Hush 20 artist


We could not be prouder to announce the first of a phenomenal line up of musicians working on Hush 20 with us! 


Eurovision extraordinaire Kate Miller-Heidke has written a beautiful song for Hush named after her son Ernie, which we think is just spectacular.  


About the song, Kate shared: “Having a kid for the first time is an incredible rush of emotions. There’s elation, despair, gratitude, guilt, sorry, hilarity and love. Ernie’s father and I wrote the song about the onslaught of often contradictory feelings.”

Dr Catherine Crock AM, Vocational Service Award recipient, 2016/17, Adjunct Professor, Faculty of Health, School of Psychology, Deakin University speaks to Rotary Melbourne about her work in the arts and health, patient-centred care and the power of kindness.

Rotary Melbourne Podcast - Dr Catherine Crock AM
World-First VR Trial for Children Undergoing Needle Procedures

A world-first trial led by Monash Children’s Hospital in collaboration with the Royal Children’s Hospital, and including contributions from Hush Foundation founder Dr Catherine Crock AM, has revealed that virtual reality (VR) technology could reduce the pain, anxiety and distress of children undergoing needle procedures.

“While the needle procedure takes place, the child experiences waves washing and fish nibbling on their arms, reframing the entire experience,” explains paediatric fellow and lead author Dr Evelyn Chan.

Read an article from MCH here and the Journal of Pediatrics here.

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Dr Linda Barclay

Research project - Conferring dignity in law and health care

The HUSH Foundation is a partner on an Australian Research Council grant entitled Conferring dignity in law and health care (DP190100734). This project is led by Linda Barclay at Monash University, in partnership with HUSH and academics at Monash University, Macquarie University, King's College London and Tulane University. Over $240,000 has been awarded.


This project aims to develop a new and more inclusive conception of dignity. The expected outcome is a new

understanding of the importance of dignity in human rights law and in health care services, with an aim to provide concrete guidance for health and aged care services on how they can promote the dignity of all of their clients.  The Hush Foundation will partner will Linda Barclay to develop workshops and educational material on the theme of upholding the dignity of all people in hospital and residential care. 

The arts and health


Working with patients, families and healthcare professionals, Hush transforms the culture of healthcare by harnessing the power of the Arts to educate, inspire and create change for better outcomes for everyone. 

Hush Music


Originally developed by Dr. Catherine Crock to reduce stress and anxiety felt by both patients and their families in hospitals, the Hush music collection transforms the environment through the use of especially composed music from some of Australia’s foremost musicians and talents. It is now played in hospitals, homes and shared spaces across the globe.

Our Plays


Written by renowned Australian playwright, Alan Hopgood AM with Dr Catherine Crock, Hush Foundation has produced three theatrical plays, Hear MeDo You Know Me? and What Matters. These outstanding plays tackle the biggest issues in the culture of healthcare today - bullying, communication and better patient outcomes. Book a performance in your organisation today!

Gathering of Kindness

The Gathering of Kindness aims to build, nurture and instil a culture of kindness throughout the health care system.


The annual Gathering provides participants with the opportunity to share their ideas, their work and their projects. Through this, we aim to better understand how we can improve our healthcare environment for all stakeholders.


The GOK website provides an array of resources to allow you to create your own gatherings and further the conversation


Everyone has a role to play: kindness starts within all of us.