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The Hush Foundation transforms the culture of healthcare through
music and the arts.

"We work with artists, patients, health and care staff to recapture the healing power of kindness through music, the arts, and connecting with people. I believe healthcare needs creative voices to help soften the edges of these stressful environments for people - they can help all of us in the care business to do our jobs even better".

Prof Catherine Crock AM - Founder and Chair of the Hush Foundation

For over 20 years, the Hush Foundation has been working with renowned Australian artists to create music that brings calm and optimism to patients, their families, and staff in stressful hospital and healthcare environments.

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The Hush Gathering of Kindness aims to build and nurture a culture of kindness throughout the health care system.


Bringing together people from inside and outside the healthcare sector - actors, healthcare workers of all kinds, artists, researchers  musicians and innovators - we ask you to reimagine the healthcare experience by placing kindness, trust and respect as the fundamental guiding principles of the healthcare system. 

We look for creative pathways to a more kind and compassionate model of health care.


We are now committed to broadening future participation and to helping workplace groups create their own gatherings.

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